Report: Jimmy Garoppolo Trade ‘Not Happening’

Jimmy Garoppolo, Tom Brady
The Associated Press

The Jimmy Garoppolo trade is starting to look like it might go down as the most talked-about trade in NFL history to never happen.

According to Adam Schefter, via Pro Football Talk, the much-rumored Garoppolo trade is, “not happening.” Now of course, this news could amount to nothing more than the Patriots putting prospective trade partners on notice, letting them know that their current offers don’t impress, and if they still want Garoppolo they need to get serious between now and Thursday night’s NFL Draft.

Or, maybe Belichick truly has no intention of parting with Garoppolo?

Tom Brady will turn 40 just before the start of the preseason. If Belichick retains Garoppolo the Patriots will have, beyond doubt, the best quarterback situation in football with the best quarterback to ever play the game backed up by a guy who could start for over half the league. Should Brady get hurt this year, Belichick would still have a realistic shot at making a Super Bowl run with Garoppolo, everything else staying even.

On the other hand, should Belichick trade Garoppolo, a Brady injury in all likelihood ends any realistic chance at winning a championship.

Tom Curran of CSN New England says it will take multiple first-round picks for Belichick to reconsider trading Garoppolo. The most likely fit for Garoppolo would be the Browns, who have multiple first-round picks and a huge need for a quarterback.

However, if the Patriots would consider spreading those first-round picks out over a couple years, there’s the chance that other teams could come into play. And, of course, since Belichick seems like the kind of guy who would like to watch Twitter break, there’s always the chance that he could pull off the most Belichick move of all time and trade Brady after this season, then promote Garoppolo.

But he wouldn’t do that, would he?

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