FS1’s Katie Nolan Calls Fox News’ Sean Hannity a ‘Literal F**king Moron’ on Twitter


Fox Sports 1’s Katie Nolan is either trying to force Fox to fire her or is just disturbingly passionate about issues involving Sean Hannity and national surveillance.

The host of Garbage Time, which used to air Wednesday nights on FS1 but no longer does as Fox continues to mull Nolan’s future, took extreme umbrage with a tweet from Sean Hannity over the weekend.

Hannity’s tweet, directed at the New York Times, took exception to a story which referred to him as a regular Trump adviser. Hannity, claiming he had not spoken to the Times, wondered whether or not he had been surveilled:

Nolan fired back:

Clearly, Nolan remains unaware of the saga of fellow-Fox employee James Rosen, who was secretly declared a criminal co-conspirator and a flight risk by the Obama Justice Department, resulting in a judge giving the Justice Department the ability to read through all of his gmails.

Of course, this writer has no actual knowledge of whether Hannity was surveilled. However, if a Fox News reporter can have his emails read by prying government eyes, why couldn’t a much-higher profile Sean Hannity?

Nolan’s frontal assault led to a backlash on Twitter from Hannity followers and other right-leaning users.

According to the sports media site Awful Announcing, after someone brought up the dangers of Nolan’s criticizing another Fox employee, Nolan posted, and then deleted, this tweet:

Nolan’s behavior towards Hannity is highly unusual for someone whose status remains in limbo, the way hers does. FS1 did not renew Nolan’s show in its current format. Though Fox still has Nolan under contract and has said they intend to keep her on, no one really knows what the future holds for her there.

Rumors that ESPN might have interest in Nolan when her contract ends next year have surfaced as well. Could that mean she’s rocking the boat at FS1 on purpose to force their hand and grab some liberal street cred by attacking a well-known conservative, before joining the ranks of the uber-leftist ESPN?

Of course, it’s always possible that Nolan just had way too much time on her hands on a Saturday night and felt like shaking things up a bit–though, it’s questionable that she would have chosen a high-profile personality employed by her parent company as the target of her disdain if she was just looking to start a fight.

While Nolan may not report to the same people Hannity does, their checks have the same return-to-sender address: 21st Century Fox. If Nolan had designs on remaining at FS1 long term, there are a lot better ways of ensuring that other than engaging in profanity-laced Twitter rants against founding members of one of the network’s most profitable divisions.

Or, again, she could just be bored.

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