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Bears Future Quarterback Pulls Up to Work in Grandmother’s Toyota Camry

Mitch Trubisky, Roger Goodell

Mitchell Trubisky’s chances of appearing on Dream Ridez just took a serious hit.

The second overall pick in the NFL draft, the man whom the Bears traded up to get, pulled up to his first day of work in his grandmother’s Toyota Camry:

Trubisky actually finds himself in good company when it comes to NFL quarterbacks showing up to work in transportation far beneath their means. Washington Redskins Pro Bowl quarterback Kirk Cousins has driven his grandparents dented, GMC conversion van for years.

To be sure, driving your grandparents hand-me-down vehicle does not necessarily mean you’ll smash franchise passing records in back-to-back years and make the Pro Bowl.

Then again, it doesn’t mean those things won’t happen either.

For now, Bears fans can feel good in the knowledge that their future quarterback appears to be a humble guy, who has a nice relationship with his grandmother. Those good feels will only last from now until he throws his first pick.

But hey, enjoy it while you can.

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