Colin Kaepernick’s Foundation Gives $100,000 to Fund Illegal Alien Activists

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Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick may be on the outside looking in, as the national anthem protests he began continue without him. However, that doesn’t mean that he has been idle with his activism.

Kaepernick’s newest cause is to fund illegal aliens so that they can fly to Washington D.C. to protest against President Donald Trump.

Last week, Kaepernick directed his foundation to donate $100,000 to help protest Trump’s policy announcement on the DREAM Act, and Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

“Colin Kaepernick Foundation has donated to another $100,000 to DREAM, Coalition For The Homeless, War on Children, and United We Dream,” ESPN’s Adam Shefter tweeted last week.

Kaepernick’s website detailed that $25,000 of that money will directly go to help illegal aliens fly to D.C. to work against immigration laws.

The money will reportedly fund:

  • Addressing inequities and obstacles faced by immigrant youth. Over 100,000 members. Current focus: Organize and work for immigrant children to keep DACA in force.
  • 10k for upcoming travel. Air, hotel, lodging, and ground transportation. United We Dream recently held event in Washington DC and sent 300 dreamers to lobby to keep DACA. This budget will pay for 75-100 attendees for a similar rally upcoming.
  • 10k for series of upcoming local gatherings in NY, CT, TX, FL, NM. Facilities rent and security, transportation, food, technology
  • 5k for text service for the network of over 100,000 members.

Aiding an organization that claims Republicans and Trump are waging a “war on children” is in line with Colin Kaepernick’s other activism.

Kaepernick is well known for hyperbolic and extreme statements against his political foes. Last year, for instance, he said the U.S. “has never been great.” He also called police “pigs.” In another case he outraged America’s Cuban immigrants by complementing murderous communist dictator Fidel Castro. He also wore a shirt lionizing the murderous dictator.

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