North Carolina Basketball Will Not Visit the White House, Cites Scheduling Issues

AP Chris Steppig
AP Photo/Chris Steppig

College basketball’s defending champions will not go to the White House, and be honored by President Trump. The team cited scheduling issues as the reason why they will not make the trip.

A team spokesman told the Observer, “We couldn’t find a date that worked for both parties. We tried about eight or nine dates and between they couldn’t work out that date, we couldn’t work out that date, so – we would have liked to have gone, but not going.”

According to The Hill, the White House did not respond to a request for comment about North Carolina’s inability to attend.

The timing of North Carolina’s decision to not attend is certainly curious. Especially considering the ongoing backlash from the sports world directed at President Trump. In response to his comments in alabama on Friday night where he called NFL players who protested the anthem “SOB’s,” and said he’d like to see owners “fire” them.

However, North Carolina’s statement, making the point that they “would have liked to have gone,” seems to suggest the decision was free of a political motive. That being said, North Carolina Head Coach Roy Williams is no fan of President Trump.

In April, Williams accused Trump of tweeting “bulls**t.” Williams said, “It used to be much more so than I think it is now. Now everybody’s has got social media, and we don’t need The New York Times to find out what in the dickens is going on in the country. You know, our president tweets out more bulls–t than anybody I’ve ever seen. We’ve got social media.”

Between Williams’ obvious distaste for Trump and the university’s statement that the decision wasn’t political, it is indeed, very hard to figure out what in the dickens is going on.