Report: Goodell Contract Could Be Completed Prior to December Owners Meetings in Dallas

AP Matt Dunham Jones-Goodell
AP Photo/Matt Dunham

ESPN’s Adam Schefter knows the NFL, and if his sources are correct, Roger Goodell’s contract extension could get signed right in the backyard of the man who is trying to stop it.

According to Schefter, Goodell’s extension is “on track to get done despite the recent battle surrounding the negotiations, and many expect it to be completed at or before the owners’ Dec. 13 meetings in Dallas,” according to sources.

In the opinion of one of Schefter’s sources, resistance to Goodell’s contract extension has dissipated “meaningfully” in recent weeks.

According to Schefter, “If all the bonus criteria are achieved in the proposed new deal, Goodell’s total potential compensation could average about $40 million for each year from 2019 to 2023, making it a five-year extension worth up to about $200 million, according to a source familiar with the deal.

“The base salary is in the single-digit millions, according to a source. Roughly 85 percent of the total potential compensation package is comprised of bonuses, which would be subject to ownership approval and validation.”

Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones’ very public feud with Commissioner Goodell has dominated headlines in recent weeks. Jones has listed complaints ranging from the NFL’s sinking ratings and attendance, to Goodell’s handling of the anthem protests, as well as claims that Goodell lied to him about suspending Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Elliott is currently serving a 6-game suspension.

Schefter cautions, however, that even if Jones is unsuccessful in blocking or delaying Goodell’s contract. The highly publicized dispute between Goodell and Jones could have far-reaching implications on the question of the commissioner’s power.

“Even if Goodell does finalize his extension, there is expected to be fallout from this very public flight. Some league officials think it could weaken the commissioner’s power, while others aren’t as sure. Some wonder whether it will further impact sponsors and fans, some of whom already have been turned off by players protesting during the national anthem.”


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