Mother of Wounded Veteran Slams Actress Debra Messing for Praising Anthem-Protesting Son

AP Messing

Actress Debra Messing rushed to her Instagram account to gush over her son’s decision to refuse to stand for the national anthem at a New York Rangers game, last week.

However, the actress was hit by an avalanche of criticism for celebrating her son’s protest by many social media users, including the mother of a wounded veteran.

Messing, one of the stars of the TV’s “Will & Grace,” jumped to her Instagram account just after Christmas to praise her son who had refused to stand at attention during the playing of the national anthem as he attended a New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden.

On her post, Messing added the following caption:

“Please stand for the Star Spangled Banner.”

Son: “Mom, I want to sit down in protest. Can we do that?”

Me: “Yes, honey. We can do that.”

“Who’s crying? I’m not crying. #BLM (Black Lives Matter).”

Accompanying the post was a photo of her son sitting in his stadium seat with his hand over his heart as those around him stood.

Messing was thrilled that her son was emulating NFL players such as former San Francisco second-string quarterback Colin Kaepernick who began protesting during the playing of the national anthem at the start of the 2016 NFL season. Kaepernick turned free agent as the 2017 season began, but thus far no team has signed him.

Though, as thrilled as Messing may have been, the actress soon deleted her post after taking serious heat from all sorts of social media users.

One of those social media users is the mother of a wounded military veteran who had a very serious message for the actress.

Lisa Smith, who says she is a “proud mother of a wounded soldier,” was seriously unhappy with Messing’s post and took to her Twitter account to scold the actress.

“You’re proud your son boycotted our Anthem?” Smith wrote on January 1. “I’m proud of MY son. You know why? HE can’t kneel or walk on his own. HE was wounded fighting for the very freedom that YOU spit on, yet he has NO regrets! He’s a Patriot & you’re a loser.”

Messing now has a long pedigree as a very mindless leftist who constantly spouts inanities on social media. Without a doubt, she is a reflexive left-winger .

For instance, Messing recently Tweeted her praise of Sheila Jackson Lee for “taking a knee” on the floor of Congress.

And the actress was all over the “pussy hat” movement, too:

She even had herself a nice “resistance” cake on Instagram:

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