MLB Superstar and Breitbart Host Launches ‘The Curt Schilling Podcast’

The Curt Schilling Podcast

Three-time World Series Champion Curt Schilling is more than a former All-Star Major League Pitcher. He has his hand on the pulse of current events — whether it be cultural, political, or spiritual. Now Curt Schilling gets to make the call, and he’ll be making it every day on Breitbart’s newest addition to its podcast network: The Curt Schilling Podcast. 

Building on the success of his original show — Whatever it Takes — the former MLB star and ESPN has brung the same hard-hitting style to a new format, with The Curt Schilling Podcast

“As Whatever it Takes continued to grow the podcast format became a no -brainer,” Schilling explains. “The ability to organize and pack in content will help me for sure, and our ability to reign in amazing guests such as Colonel North, Diamond and Silk, Sheriff Clarke, and Dan Bongino, is going to make this one a must listen!”

The Curt Schilling Podcast offers news and sports listeners an opportunity they’ve never had before: The chance to hear expert commentary on both. Schilling’s background as a champion competitor at the highest levels of Major League Baseball, coupled with his knowledge of media, history, and politics; offers the podcast listener a perspective that is second to none.

Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow says Schilling is a man perfectly suited for this moment in our national debate: “Curt is a pro broadcaster, a patriot, and he’s fearless. He’s a perfect voice for this news moment, and podcasting is the medium that we believe will best deliver Curt’s content to our audience.”

Schilling is instantly recognizable to conservatives and leftists alike, as a proud patriot with the courage to fight for what he believes in, and the eagerness to engage the left.

“God places things in our lives for specific reasons,” Schilling explains. “After being fired by ESPN for my conservative opinions, I arrived here at Breitbart News, which I consider the last bastion of actual journalism. Yes, it’s openly conservative, but as much as liberals despise us they can’t deny the facts behind the arguments.”

There’s also no denying that Schilling is without equal when it comes to sticking by those facts, no matter what the consequence. The three-time World Series champ took on opposition from all sides as one of the only prominent conservatives at liberal sports network, ESPN.

While Schilling is among friends at Breitbart — a conservative network with a podcast offering that’s unrivaled — the former ESPN analyst knows all too well that the same liberal orthodoxy which coursed through the hallways at ESPN. Is the same kind of toxic elitism that permeates the corridors of power in Washington, D,C.

With a fresh new format as part of the Breitbart Podcast offering, Schilling is joining with his listeners and draining that swamp.

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Listen to the Curt Schilling Podcast here.


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