Padres Take Tour Bus to Ballpark After Team Bus No-Shows

San Diego Padres
Getty Images/Jason O. Watson

Adapt and overcome, those words have been used to describe the job that our military does when they’re out protecting our country. As it turns out, those words can also accurately be applied to the job that baseball team administrators have to do.

The San Diego Padres team bus, did not arrive to pickup the team and take them to their game against the San Francisco Giants on Sunday. So, according to a report from, the team’s director of player and staff services flagged down an empty San Francisco tour bus, and the rest is baseball logistics history:

Not only did the Padres get a ride, they got a police escort:

So how did the magical day end for the Padres? They lost to the Giants in extra innings, 3-2. But why let that spoil a great story?

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