A’s Reporter Wishes Physical Harm on Kyler Murray for Choosing NFL over Baseball

Kyler Murray
AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki

Baseball reporter Jen Rainwater was so unhappy with Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray’s decision to go into pro football instead of baseball, that she took to Twitter and wished physical harm on the Heisman Trophy winner.

Murray was in a unique position as he closed out the 2018 college season. He was a standout player for both his school’s baseball and football teams. But with the end of the season, Murray announced that he was going to pursue a birth in the NFL instead of Major League Baseball.

But SB Nation reporter Jen Rainwater was not having any of it, according to Daily Snark.

Rainwater, who covers the Oakland As for SBNation, jumped to her Twitter account to call the young player a series of names including a “dumb ass,” “stupid,” “selfish,” and a “baby and brat.”

Rainwater even seemed to wish that Murray be “critically injured” in his rookie year with the NFL.

Her tweets have since been deleted, but in one she directed a tweet at Murray to “laugh” and say, “so many people, myself included, and I’m no former NFL QB or anything, ‘TOLD YOU SO.'”

The writer added, “I can’t wait to see your dumb ass go down in flames. It’s only a short matter of time. Oh, and NFL contracts aren’t guaranteed.”

Rainwater was not done. She felt compelled to get even more specific in a second tweet.

“You aren’t going to be great in the NFL! And to think many of us were rooting for you,” she wrote. “You’re just a stupid, selfish, baby and brat. I NEVER say this, but I won’t care a bit when you suck or critically injured in your rookie NFL season.”

According to DailySnark, Rainwater has let her ire get the better on her on Twitter before and recently sent a few vitriolic words to reporter Jessica Kleinschmidt of NBCSAuthentic:

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