WATCH: ESPN Host Implies Trump Is a Racist for Serving ‘Predominantly Black’ Players Fast Food

President Trump
Getty Images/Chris Kleponis

Apparently fresh out of sports takes in the week leading up to the NFL conference championship games, ESPN host Molly Qerim decided to imply that President Trump’s decision to serve the Clemson football team fast food, was racist.

On Wednesday’s edition of First Take, Qerim explained how her thoughts went to a “very different place” when she heard that Trump planned to serve fast food to Clemson’s “predominantly black” football team.


Why her thoughts went to that place is something she will have to explain. Especially considering that fast food — specifically Chick-fil-A — happens to be a favorite of Clemson’s very good and very white quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Fast food also happens to be a favorite of President Donald Trump, specifically McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish.

Of the 85 players on Clemson’s roster, 39 of them weigh 250 pounds or more. With 14 players weighing 300 pounds or more. More than a few of those enormous humans are white. While no one should assume that athletes amass that size by fast food alone. It would also be an error to think that those players got that big eating bell peppers and asparagus.

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