WATCH: Liberty Player Performs Worst Flop in Basketball History


Basketball and soccer, are sports that are well-known for having players that will, shall we say, exaggerate their reactions to contact with opposing players. A practice known across the sports world as flopping.

While most fans have come to expect and tolerate a certain amount of flopping. We may need a new term to describe the stunningly shameless flop executed by a basketball player from Liberty University on Sunday.


The guilty player is Liberty forward Scottie James. Was there contact? Sure. Did the elbow maybe graze the side of James’ face? Yes. But having an elbow graze your face, in no way justifies acting as though your body has just been fired out of a catapult.

Several people on Twitter were displeased with overblown reaction:

While the officials did not assess Lipscomb with a flagrant foul, they did call an offensive penalty which gave Liberty the ball back.

A reward which basically ensures that flopping will continue for a very, very long time.

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