Padres Debut ‘Anchorman’ Race at Petco Park


It only took 14 years, but the good people in the San Diego Padres organization finally realized they needed to take advantage of the movie that helped add to their town’s popularity, and have an Anchorman race.

The debut of this great race occurred on Friday, with all the main talent from the Channel 4 News Team assembled for the running, Including Brick Tamland, Brian Fantana, Champ Kind, and, of course, Ron Burgundy.


Ron Burgundy prevailed in the first race, naturally.

One wonders how Burgundy’s chief love interest Veronica Corningstone got left off the squad. Though, her well-known rivalry with Kind and Fantana may have led to her being excluded.

Apparently the news team will not race during every home game. Instead, they’ll primarily be used for weekend games and special occasions. Still, even a little Anchorman is better than no Anchorman.

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