WATCH: Yankees Aaron Boone Caught Eating a Booger on Camera

Aaron Boone
Getty Images

Professional sports is often referred to as the place where men go to become boys. Though, there are certain boyhood behaviors that are better left to boys.

Tensions were high on Tuesday night, as the Astros and Yankees battled it out in a possible ALCS preview. And, apparently, the tension got so high that Yankees manager Aaron Boone resorted to eating his own boogers.


It’s very hard to tell if Boone did in fact consume the booger. Though, even if he didn’t, the booger came uncomfortably close to his mouth. The Yankees set a franchise record for strikeouts in the first series of the season and, like the rival Red Sox, have generally stunk in the early part of the season.

However, there’s a lot of season left. No need to resort to apparent booger eating.

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