WATCH: Orioles Outfielder Concussed After Taking Fly Ball to the Head

Fly Ball
Getty Images

MLB has recently seen a disturbing trend of people getting struck in the head by baseballs. Except this time it wasn’t a fan who got hit, it was a player.

Baltimore’s DJ Stewart drew left field duties for the Orioles on Tuesday night, a role he played aggressively. In fact, perhaps Stewart played it a little too aggressively. While diving to make what would have been an outstanding catch, Stewart mistimed his slide and the ball struck him in the head.


No one can fault Stewart’s effort, but as for his judgment, maybe that will improve with time. Tuesday night’s game against the Yankees was only Stewart’s 8th game in the Majors. Fortunately for Stewart, though perhaps unfortunately for dejected Orioles fans, the O’s still have 49 games left.

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