WATCH: O.J. Simpson Doesn’t Understand Why Mason Rudolph Wasn’t Suspended

OJ Simpson
AP Photo/Julie Jacobson

Most people have spent the time after hearing of Myles Garrett’s indefinite ban for attacking Mason Rudolph with his own helmet, celebrating the NFL’s decision and recognizing it as a positive step.

Well, most people not named O.J. Simpson that is.

The former Bill and arguably most famous ex-con ever, made two Twitter videos on Friday saying that while he agreed with the league’s decision to suspend Garrett, he didn’t understand why the “initiator” Rudolph, wasn’t also suspended.


For those who apparently need the reminder, Garrett’s hit on Rudolph was already egregiously late and should have been called for roughing the passer. To make matters worse, Garrett also took Rudolph to the ground. So calling Rudolph the “initiator” for the apparent crime of being hit and taken to the ground late by a dirty player is, kind of rich.

Nor is this the first time Garrett has been disciplined for hits on quarterbacks. Earlier this year, the Browns defensive end received two fines totaling $44,112 for two hits on Jets quarterback Trevor Siemian. The latter of which, ended Siemian’s season.

Those incidents, and others, will likely factor into the league’s decision about when/if to allow Garrett back in the league. Those incidents, along with the fact that Garrett had already qualified for a personal foul before Rudolph tried to remove his helmet, should have also been considered by O.J. Simpson before he said ridiculous things.

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