Ted Cruz Mocks Bernie Sanders’ Effort to Stop MLB from Shutting Down Minor League Teams

Ted Cruz
Getty Images/Zach Gibson

Ted Cruz is accustomed to publicly shaming members of the left on social media. But the Texas Republican was in rare form on Tuesday, when he hilariously mocked socialist Bernie Sanders for his attempt to thwart MLB’s attempt to shut down dozens of minor league baseball clubs.

As Breitbart Sports reported Monday, Sanders wrote MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred a letter accusing the league of “greed” and causing “irreparable harm,” by shuttering 42 minor league teams.

Cruz responded to a tweet from conservative writer and talk show host Ben Shapiro, who accused Sanders of trying to “fight income inequality” by redistributing wealth from the MLB to minor league baseball.

The Texas Republican then upped the ante by delivering an even more socialist “solution” to the problem.

While some have claimed that Sanders did not expressly call for income redistribution, he does call for minor leaguers to get a “living wage,” something larger than the $1,160 per month that some minor league owners pay their players. Plus, Sanders wants to make it easier for minor league players to unionize.

Both proposals would dramatically increase the operating costs of minor league clubs and the money used to comply with Sanders’ demands, would necessarily have to come from MLB. So, in effect, Sanders is actually calling for income redistribution.

Sanders says that MLB’s proposal “has nothing to do with what is good for baseball, but it has everything to do with greed.”

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