Former NFL Anthem Kneeler Brandon Marshall: ‘We Tried to Do Things Peacefully’

Brandon Marshall
Getty Images/Justin Edmonds

Former Denver Broncos linebacker and anthem protester Brandon Marshall, sees the civil unrest in response to the death of George Floyd as a “natural” reaction of people who are “fed up” with the slow pace of change when it comes to addressing social justice issues.

Marshall, a current free agent who joined Colin Kaepernick’s anthem protest in 2016, told TMZ Sports that, despite the civil unrest that has swept across the country, social justice protests were initially done “peacefully.”

“I just think that people are fed up, which is why the violence has started,” Marshall explained.

“I would never want to see anyone get hurt, but I see why. If you could understand the timeline, if you could understand the course of events that continues to happen, it’s only natural that happens.”

Still, Marshall believes that the peaceful anthem protests had an impact.

“When I was kneeling, and when I tried to stand up, Denver changed their use of force policy,” Marshall said. “So, I thought that was a win, right, I’m all that’s cool that’s one step for the bigger picture.”

Speaking on the NFL’s recent call for “urgent action” against police brutality, Marshall sees the current violence on the nation’s streets as the result of a lack of urgent action.

“There’s been an urgent action needed,” Marshall said. “But, you know, this is what happens when you just kinda drag your feet.”

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