Woke NFL Players Who Were Furious at Drew Brees, Silent over DeSean Jackson’s Antisemitic Posts

DeSean Jackson
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When quarterback Drew Brees dared to say wouldn’t kneel during the national anthem, NFL stars rose up in a woke backlash. However, those same players have been silent about DeSean Jackson posting anti-Semitic quotes attributed to Adolf Hitler, and his lionizing posts about notorious racist Louis Farrakhan.

In early June, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees caught flak for daring to say that he does not agree with protesting during the national anthem. He Explained his stance by saying that when he hears the Star-Spangled Banner, he thinks about his grandfather and others who fought for this country.

Players by the dozens immediately took to their social media accounts to attack Brees for his patriotic feelings about America. Even after Brees fell all over himself to apologize, players such as Eagles defensive tackle Malik Jackson refused to accept the apology.

Many players went on the attack against Brees. To name only a few, Saints player Emmanuel Sanders said Brees was “ignorant,” activist player Malcolm Jenkins said Brees’ patriotic comments were “painful” for people, and Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas slammed Brees as a stupid person. For his part, 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman added that Brees was “lost.”

Also, even while he agreed that Brees had a right to love America, ex-NFL player Tony Dungy said he did not agree with Brees’ postion on the protests.

These players wanted to appear as if they were concerned about battling “hate” and wanted to be seen as champions of “equality.” Yet, few of them have had anything at all to say about DeSean Jackson’s disgusting attacks on Jews, and his support for Hitler and Farrakhan.

In fact, not only have most players been utterly silent about Jackson’s hate posts against Jews, one former athlete has come forward to praise Jackson for his anti-Semitism. Former NBA player Stephen Jackson (no relation) jumped into the mix to say that DeSean Jackson was “speaking the truth” about Jews.

Sadly, Jackson’s anti-Semitism has been so widely ignored by the NFL. In fact, Brees’ teammate and #1 receiving target Michael Thomas, who strongly criticized his quarterback has completelygnored the anti-Semitic posts from Jackson. Though, the Saints receiver did find the time to speak out about the NFL’s player escrow accounts. An issue he apparently believes is more worthy of his attention than taking on Jackson’s hateful posts.

To date, two days after his posts first became a national story, few players have said a word about Jackson’s hateful messages. League officials have also been entirely silent on the issue. Even Jackson’s team, merely said they “have spoken” with him and will take “appropriate action.” Though, as of the time of this writing, they have done nothing.

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