Herschel Walker on President Trump: ‘He’s the Best Guy to Be the Leader for This Country’

Herschel Walker
Oliver Contreras-Pool/Getty Images)

College and pro football legend Herschel Walker is one of President Trump’s strongest supporters, a fact that was recently on display again as Walker asserted that the president “is not a racist” and that he is “the best guy to be the leader for this country.”

Walker made the comments in an interview with Outkick the Coverage’s Clay Travis.

“It’s sad, and that’s the reason why I got involved. I want America to know the truth. Donald Trump is not a racist,” Walker said.

“It’s tough because we have become so political today, and the worst thing that you can say to someone today is that ‘he’s a racist.’ They take bits and parts of a speech and they try to make him a racist, and that’s what’s very, very sad to me and the reason I got involved.”

The left has often accused the president of racism, despite the fact that Trump has been the best president in American history when it comes to jobs in the black community. In addition, Trump has been transformational on the topic of prison reform, an issue of concern to many in the black community.

“I didn’t get involved because I wanted to be in politics, it’s just somebody was saying something about a friend that I know very well that I know is not true,” Walker continued.

“If I were to not get involved I thought it would have been an injustice to America. This guy is not a racist, he’s the best guy right now to run this country.

“He’s the best guy to be the leader for this country, and I wanted people to know the truth. I’m not getting paid, and I’m not getting anything from it, I just love America and want America to know the truth.”

Donald Trump was the owner of the New Jersey Generals, the now-defunct USFL team that signed Walker in 1983.

Walker told Fox News in September, that President Trump’s message was “resonating” in the black community.

I want the people to know the truth. I was hearing so many things about this man that was not true because I’ve known him for 37 years that I wanted the people to know the truth. The truth is he is not a racist. The truth is he loves the United States of America. I’m tired of people listening to his tweets saying that that’s the type of man he is — because he’s not.

I know it’s resonating with the African-American community because I hear them talking about it now. You know, I think they’re stopping and looking at what’s going on. They’re stopping to look at everything. They are stopping to look at it and study and get into the history of what’s going on. You know, and I’m not going to take anything away from former President Obama because he showed all people of color you can be President of the United States, but I go back and say, ‘Guys, what did he do for the African-American community? I’m sorry, what did he do?’ Well, President Trump has done some incredible things for the African-American community, and he didn’t do it for a vote. … He did it because it was the right thing to do.

In September, a series of polls were published which showed that the president’s poll numbers in the black community were indeed surging and his share of the black vote could possibly double during the 2020 elections.


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