Ratings Crash for Thursday Night Football ‘NFC Least’ Matchup

Corey Perrine_Getty Images
Corey Perrine/Getty Images

The Week 7 edition of Thursday Night Football featured two of the worst teams in recent memory, and the ratings corresponded appropriately.

The Eagles and Giants, two teams with a combined win total of 2.5 (the Eagles had a tie) heading into last night’s game, fought it out in front of a television audience of 8.187 million. The NFL was just lucky that both teams come from major television markets, otherwise this thing wouldn’t have drawn flies.

Still, the NFL can’t completely hang their head about it. The game, as previously stated, featured two of the worst teams in the league. Also, it went up against Thursday night’s second presidential debate between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

No doubt, the league will talk-up both factors in their explanation for the viewership debacle that befell them. The last TNF game in Week 5 drew 14.71 million viewers. Meaning, the Week 7 version fell by nearly 45 percent. Though Thursday Night Football ratings have struggled this year, they haven’t been quite this bad.

I would normally say to count on a big bounce back for next week’s Thursday night game, but the Falcons are playing the Panthers. So, the league might still want to manage those expectations a bit.


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