Scholla: Kneel Down, Chicago Bears! Team Proudly Supports Player’s BLM-Themed Cleats

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Kneel down, Chicago Bears! Isn’t that how the fight song goes? Well, that’s how it should be sung in 2020. The Bears continue their losing ways but keep putting up Ws for their wokeness.

When the Colin Kaepernick-led kneeling protests during our national anthem first took place, the Bears were one of very few teams that had zero players kneel. In fact, Chicago did not have one player of staff member disrespect our flag from 2016-2019. Like everything else, things on that front have changed drastically in 2020. Each and every game this season, several Bears kneel in front of our beautiful flag. Even at home games played at historic Soldier Field, the Bears take a knee.

Soldier Field is billed as being ‘Dedicated To The Men And Women Of The Armed Services’, but at that very field Bears starters, back-ups, and coaches consistently kneel.

When former Bears speak up for America or commonsense, the now woke Bears organization chastises them. Even Hall of Fame legends Brian Urlacher and Mike Ditka have been told to zip it from progressive Bears brass.

As if the kneeling and disrespecting our flag and troops isn’t bad enough, the Bears are making sure everyone knows how much they love Black Lives Matter. Not the lower case idea, but the upper case attack group.

This weekend the NFL is featuring its ‘My Cause My Cleats’ initiative. Players can wear cleats with designs that support a particular group or cause. Bears receiver Anthony Miller III is wearing Black Lives Matter shoes emblazoned with a fist.

The Bears proudly brag about Miller’s choice on social media. In an Instagram post, the team writes: ‘@a.mill’s cause? Black Lives Matter. His cleats are for @blklivesmatter. #MyCauseMyCleats’.

One click on the @blklivesmatter handle, that the Bears proudly promote, takes you to an Instagram page that features anti-police rhetoric. The third photo on the IG page is a poster urging- #DefundThePolice.

So, the Chicago Bears, a team that plays in a city full of proud police officers, supports a group calling for the radical idea of defunding them. The Black Lives Matter IG page is filled with post after post of anti-police, anti-Trump, and anti-American rhetoric, but the Chicago Bears have no problem showcasing this account.

The Bears didn’t recognize Flag Day or Columbus Day on any of their social media platforms this year, but when it comes to anti-police messages, they are bearing down like never before.

This type of far-left activism is exactly why NFL ratings are lower than ever. Many lifelong Bears fans have walked away. Many will never return.

While former Bears like Urlacher, Ditka, Mike Singletary, Jay Cutler, Dennis McKinnon, Dan Hampton, Jim McMahon, and many more continue to support our flag, our country, and our police, today’s team is nothing more than a bunch of sheep. The players do what they want and the cowards in the front office root them on.

The Chicago Bears haven’t won it all since 1985. They will not win it all again until major changes are made. Stop kneeling, fire Matt Nagy, and bring back the Honey Bears would be a good start. While they’re at it, the Navy Blue and Orange may want to Back the Blue and focus more on ‘Winning Good’ instead of ‘Orange Man Bad’.

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