WATCH: Charles Barkley Says Athletes Should Get Preferential Treatment for Vaccines

Charles Barkley
Getty Images

NBA legend and TNT analyst Charles Barkley, says that athletes should get preferential treatment for vaccines because they pay high taxes.

The comments came on Thursday night’s edition of the NBA on TNT, as the NBA grapples with a slew of Covid-related postponements.

Barkley’s co-hosts, especially Kenny Smith, immediately and vigorously disagreed with Barkley’s belief that the amount of money someone makes should determine their place in line for “life or death” treatments. Barkley defended his assertion by saying he meant “taxes,” not income. However, of course, the amount of taxes one pays are determined by one’s income.

So, in reality, Barkley is arguing that people who make more money should get “preferential treatment” on vaccines.

While Barkley’s idea probably comes as a shock to many, the fact is we do live in a world where the rich and powerful get “preferential treatment” when it comes to the coronavirus. As evidenced by any of the dozens of different accounts of elected officials – maskless – attending functions that they have banned for their constituents.

So, is Barkley guilty of having a bad idea? Sure. But his real crime, at least to the entitled class who pays “high taxes,” is that he said what they all believe out loud.


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