WATCH: Russian Skier Attacks Rival at Finish Line

Russian Skier
Lehtikuva/AFP via Getty Images

The Russian Cross Country ski team lost its bronze medal and found itself disqualified after a member of their team attacked a rival member of the opposing team at the finish line.

Russian skier Alexander Bolshunov couldn’t find his way past Finnish skier Joni Maki in the closing moments of the 4 x 7.5km relay. In frustration, Bolshunov took a swipe at Maki’s skis as the pair approached the finish line, but missed.

However, apparently undeterred, Bolshunov slammed into Maki at the finish line.

“Due to a tight situation in choosing the lines towards the finish, which triggered an unsportsmanlike behavior of Bolshunov against Maki, Bolshunov [was] disqualified and thus the entire Team Russia 1,” a report via FIS read.


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