WATCH: ‘Hero’ Dodgers Ball Girl Tackles Fan on Field

Marissa Rohan
Instagram/Marissa Rohan

Los Angeles Dodgers ball girl #93 Marissa Rohan is being hailed by some as a “hero” after she assisted stadium security Sunday in taking down a fan who was running on the field.

During Sunday’s game against rivals the Angels at Dodger Stadium, a fan broke free and ran across the field mid-game. It looked at first as if the fan was going to get away, as he had quite a lead on the seven of eight uniformed security guards running after him, some who tripped and fell in the right-field grass in their zeal to catch the runner. That is, until Rohan stepped in. The ball girl came in at the last minute, just before the runner presumably was going to jump the fence and escape, and hoisted the runner so he flipped over the wall into the stands, where he was apprehended by authorities.

The crowd went wild.

“This #Dodgers ball girl is not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need,” LA sport journalist Michael Duarte tweeted.

“Don’t mess with the ball girl,” another fan tweeted.

“Why is everyone always shocked when a woman does what 8 guys can’t do,” another said.

“I’m not shocked, I’m just stoked,” yet another replied.

“Cowboys don’t have a defensive back that can tackle like that,” another said.

Rohan is a student at California State University, pursuing a degree in deaf studies, and a former gymnast and softball player, according to her Instagram page. She joked that Sunday was a “rough day at work,” about taking down the field-runner. “Yeah I am not going to stop talking about this lol,” she said.


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