WATCH: Pistons’ Isaiah Stewart Charges LeBron After Brutal Cheap Shot

Isaiah Stewart
Nic Antaya/Getty Images

LeBron James won the game but came close to losing the fight after throwing a cheap shot at Pistons forward Isaiah Stewart, causing the latter to come charging at him in a bloody rage.

James appeared to throw a cheap shot at Stewart as the Pistons were shooting free throws, then Stewart went after James.

LeBron looked genuinely concerned for his safety, as well he should have. The NBA’s leading man and outspoken social justice advocate on all issues not involving China was ejected from the game.

The ejection was only the second of James’ nearly 20-year career.

Another angle shows just how atrocious James’ cheap shot truly was. Stewart clearly had leverage on him and was getting pushed out of the way. It appears losing really bothers James.

No matter, though, James had no interest in fighting and seemed completely content to let the entire Pistons roster, coaching staff, and multiple officials and security personnel prevent him from suffering the consequences of his stupid behavior.

It’s pretty much how he lives his life.


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