Ex-Mets Star Lenny Dykstra Blasts ‘Dumb A**’ David Hogg for Homeless Comment

David Hogg
MSNBC Screenshot

Former New York Mets star Lenny Dykstra blasted left-wing, anti-gun activist David Hogg Sunday after the youngster tweeted that he is chagrined over the homelessness problem in Cambridge, Massachusetts, home of Harvard University.

Hogg, who has become a left-wing hero for his constant woke posts on Twitter, won himself a place at prestigious Harvard even though at 1270, his SAT scores wouldn’t seem to merit his inclusion there — Harvard usually doesn’t even consider applicants unless they have a 1460 SAT or higher. And on Sunday, the anti-gun teen posted a tweet about how he often sees homeless people as he walks to class at the Ivy League school.

“I walk to class every day passing people sleeping in the cold on the ground- outside an institution with over $53 billion, in a state that purports to be one of the most progressive in the country, In the richest country on the planet,” Hogg tweeted. “Our issue isn’t resources- it’s priorities.”

The student’s tweet made Dykstra just a little annoyed. So the former Philadelphia Phillies player jumped to his own Twitter account to tell the kid that instead of sending tweets, he should do something substantive.

In no uncertain terms, Dykstra wrote, “So let them sleep in your Harvard dorm room, dumbass.”

Other Twitter users took another avenue to slam the loud, teenage activist. Breitbart Sports readers may recall that Hogg once claimed he would start a left-wing pillow company to put MyPillow out of business. But, of course, the whole idea died as Hogg could never get any support or funding for the idea. And many Twitter users were happy to remind him of his failure in response to his homelessness tweet.

One Twitter user slammed Hogg, saying, “Help them get a place to live with all of your pillow profits!”

Another joked that “Maybe he could give them a pillow.”

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