WATCH: Aaron Rodgers Says Virus Talk Should Focus on ‘How to be Healthier’

Aaron Rodgers
Rob Carr/Getty Images

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers pushed back against the constant vaccine talk emanating from the NFL, politicians, and the media, by saying that discussions about the virus should focus on “health.”

The future Hall of Famer made the comments during his regular Tuesday appearance on the Pat McAfee Show.

“Throughout this entire time, there hasn’t been real conversations around health…As far as giving people, you know, things to think about when it comes to how to be healthier, right, as far as your diet, vitamins, exercise and those kinds of things,” Rodgers told McAfee.

A Centers for Disease Control (CDC) study published in March found that “about 78 percent” of all Covid patients admitted to the hospital were overweight or obese.

Person waits to get tested at a Covid-19 testing site in Washington DC, on December 22, 2021. - Days out from Christmas, Americans are facing long...

A person waits to get tested at a Covid-19 testing site in Washington DC on December 22, 2021. – (Photo by Pedro UGARTE / AFP) (Photo by PEDRO UGARTE/AFP via Getty Images)

So, obviously, a public information campaign centered on making people healthy would make a lot of sense during a pandemic that seems to affect the obese adversely. However, because no one makes any money if fat people get in shape, the narrative from the media, politicians, and elites has focused almost entirely on vaccines.

Leaving the efficacy of the vaccine aside, clearly, a healthy lifestyle would not only not hurt but also help a vaccinated or unvaccinated person beat the coronavirus.

Maybe Rodgers can take Dr. Fauci’s job? He certainly seems more interested in doing Fauci’s job than Fauci does.


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