Lauren Boebert Declares Emma Weyant ‘Rightful Winner’ in Race Against Trans Swimmer

Emma Weyant
Clive Rose/Getty Images

Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R) has authored a resolution declaring runner-up Emma Weyant, the “rightful winner” of the NCAA women’s 500-meter freestyle race, instead of transgender swimmer Lia Thomas.

In March, Weyant, a University of Virginia swimmer and Olympic silver medalist, finished second to Thomas at the NCAA championships.

Lia Thomas

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas (Kathryn Riley/Getty Images)

Weyant’s resolution, which 21 other House Republicans endorse, officially recognizes Weyant as the true winner because she was the first female to finish the race.

“It’s the women’s race, and a man improperly took the first place title from Emma,” Boebert explained to Fox News Digital. “When it comes to competitive sports, biology should really triumph (over) ideology.”

Weyant added, “I truly believe in giving honor where honor is due and Emma is absolutely worthy of honor.”

Thomas, a man, competed on the University of Pennsylvania’s men’s swimming team for his first three years at the school before deciding to identify as a female in his senior season. During his time on the men’s team, Thomas, known as Will at the time, compiled a thoroughly mediocre record that saw him ranked anywhere from 450th to 462nd nationally.

A fact that was not lost on Boebert.

“Mediocre male athletes who want first place rather than 450th should simply try harder and not pretend to be something that they’re not,” Boebert said.

Thomas has undergone the hormone therapy mandated by the NCAA for transgender athletes to be able to compete. However, as his success in the women’s category has shown and scientific research has proven, hormone therapy does nothing to mitigate male advantages in muscle mass, bone size and density, or heart and lung capacity.

The resolution recognizes Weyant for her Olympic achievements, her stunning success with the University of Virginia swim team, and her four All-American titles in high school.

Boebert’s resolution declares Weyant a “role model for girls across the country.”

Emma Weyant

University of Virginia swimmer Emma Weyant (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

“Emma Weyant was the fastest woman competing in the 2022 NCAA Division I Women’s 500-Yard Freestyle, but her first-place win was stolen by a mediocre man who couldn’t cut it in men’s swimming,” Boebert said in a press release. “Emma is a world-class student-athlete whose strong performances in the Summer Olympics and 2022 NCAA Division I Women’s Swimming and Diving Championship speak for themselves. These victories, coupled with her leadership of other women on her team and her dedication to excellence are worthy of Congressional recognition. I will keep working to save women’s sports from woke ideology threatening to strip women of a level playing field.”

The resolution follows a proclamation from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) just last week, who also declared Weyant – a Florida native – the actual winner of the race.

Boebert’s measure is not expected to pass in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.


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