WATCH: Two Guys at the Gym Beat the Heck Out of Each Other for Nearly Two Minutes

You're supposed to pound weights when you go to the …
Getty Images/Al Bello

You’re supposed to pound weights when you go to the gym, not other people. However, two gymgoers recently decided to put down the barbells and dumbells and throw hands in a wild brawl that was caught on camera and has since gone viral.

We pick up the action at a Fitness Connection gym, where at least a dozen onlookers sat and watched for nearly two minutes while two guys pummeled each other relentlessly.

Both guys seemed fairly convinced they knew a lot about boxing. Both kept their distance, used their front foot to add/control distance, and both tried their best Floyd Mayweatheresque guard. But after that feeling-out process dude in the red shirt landed a significant blow that sent the white-shirt guy tumbling.

The red-shirt guy clearly thought the white-shirt guy was finished after he pummeled him with several blows to the head, but that was not the case at all, as his opponent came back and finished with the upper hand before several onlookers decided to break it up.

I think it’s a win for the white-shirt guy. He overcame some size challenges and a brutal beating in the corner to get the “W” in my book.

But hey, great fight. And it was free! We all win.


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