WATCH: Argentina’s Goalie Makes Vulgar Gesture with World Cup Golden Glove Award

Emiliano Martinez
Heuler Andrey/Eurasia Sport Images/Getty Images

After winning the World Cup’s Golden Glove Award in Qatar this weekend Argentina’s Emiliano Martinez put the hand-shaped trophy to his crotch and made a pumping gesture, shocking everyone in the stadium.

One Fox Sports journalist could be heard moaning, “No, don’t do that, Emi. Don’t do that,” after he was given the award, the New York Post reported.

Martinez was Argentina’s indispensable player during the World Cup’s final game against France with a great save during extra time and a penalty save to help seal the win for Argentina.

The 30-year-old player was seen weeping tears of joy immediately after the final score on Sunday. But those tears were dry enough and playtime was on hand after he took possession of the Golden Glove trophy.

Qatari officials have not commented on the rude gesture, but it isn’t likely that a nation that outlaws homosexuality and warned World Cup fans not to have sex while in the country will be too happy over the player’s move.

Martinez delivered what is being called the “greatest save of all-time” with seconds left on the clock, with the score tied at 3-3.

Many will likely hope that his follow-up with the trophy, though, is something that everyone forgets.

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