Hey-O!: Keith Hernandez Makes Awkward Sexual Reference While Describing Hitting

Keith Hernandez
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

If Keith Hernandez were to make a YouTube video describing hitting, it would probably have parental controls.

On Friday, with Blue Jays slugger Alejandro Kirk digging in at the plate against Mets starter Justin Verlander, Hernandez, the color analyst for the Mets, gave a description of the approach to hitting that could also easily have been applied to the approach to…other types of things.

“You want to always be erect when you make contact,” Hernandez said.

As bad as that was, Hernandez apparently thought that description wasn’t descriptive enough. Because then he felt the need to paint the picture for the audience.

“Like a telephone pole!” Hernandez exclaimed.

I mean, he’s not wrong. Players need to be erect when making contact. What’s weird about that? Apparently, the Mets hitters were not erect on Friday night because they put up no runs in a 3-0 losing effort.

But, no one needs to feel any sadness or shame over that. It happens to every player at some point. The good news is we’ll get a chance to see if the Mets have done anything to enhance their performance when they take on the Jays again Saturday afternoon.


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