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George HW Bush

George H.W. Bush Loved Our Nation and Its Pastime

Combat pilot, Congressman, Central Intelligence Director, Ambassador, Vice President, and President. George H.W. Bush’s life was a full one to say the least. A loving husband, father, and grandfather, Bush did it all.


Watch: Blue Jays OF Michael Saunders Takes Foul Ball to the Head

Toronto Blue Jays outfielder had a tough time Monday night in San Francisco chasing a foul ball. As Saunders got to the ball, he tripped over the bullpen mound. It appeared as if the outfielder would recover to make the catch, but

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Blue Jays Fans, Unaware of Rule, Litter Field with Debris

Toronto Blue Jays fans, unaware of the perfect legality of a tie-breaking run scored by the Texas Rangers in the pivotal fifth game of the ALDS series, hurled debris on the field. The Jays eventually won the game, 6-3.


Baseball Is Back: M’s, Nats, Dodgers Strong; ChiSox, Jays, Mets Dark Horses

The grand-old game returns with all the makings of a very interesting season. While most agree the Nationals, Dodgers, and Mariners should be pretty darn good, and the Phillies, Diamondbacks, and Rangers should be, well, pretty darn bad, a slew of teams present a huge spectrum of possibilities.