WATCH: Female Raiders Fans Duke it Out in the Stands During Game Against the Chargers

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Tom Hauck/Getty Images

Raiders fans showed more fight than their team on Sunday as followers of the Silver & Black fought Chargers fans and each other in a series of scrums in the stands.

On Monday, we showed you the viral fight between a Chargers fan in a Justin Herbert jersey and a Raiders fan in a Howie Long jersey. For those of you who haven’t watched yet, it was a rough day for Howie Long guy.

Next, we bring you to another scene at SoFi Stadium, where two female Raiders fans decided to fight each other. As always, it’s hard to tell what started it because people don’t usually start filming until the fight is about set to go off. But, whatever led to it, things got very heated between these two ladies.

The description of the scrape as a “catfight” is a bit of a misnomer. That exchange had more than a few open-handed slaps and close-fisted punches. Nor did either combatant appear to make use of their nails. The woman in the tank top was already disadvantaged as she was seated in the lower row. Her disadvantage was only accentuated by the third woman who jumped in and beat her up.

It’s unclear if anyone received treatment for injuries or if either woman received discipline from the police or stadium authorities.

The Chargers beat the Raiders 24-17.


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