Iraqi Shiite Militia Fighters ‘Pouring Into’ Aleppo to Aid Assad

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that Iraqi Shiite militia fighters are “pouring into Syria to reinforce the Assad regime’s siege of Aleppo, further complicating the tangled web of alliances the U.S. relies on to fight Islamic State, which can turn an ally on one side of the border into an enemy on the other.”

Stringer - Anadolu Agency/AFP

State Department Timeline Has Bashar Assad Ruling Syria Until 2017

The Associated Press reports it has seen documents that show the State Department expects Syrian dictator Bashar Assad to remain in power until at least March 2017, which is “two months after President Barack Obama leaves office and more than five years after Obama first called for Assad to leave.”


Syrian Rebels Use Caged Hostages as Human Shields to Deter Airstrikes

Caged prisoners believed to be former army officers from dictator Bashar al-Assad’s Alawite sect were paraded through streets of a rebel-held suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus, apparently used as human shields to deter further bombardments in the area, according to video clips and images posted on social media.

Sham News via YouTube

Saudi Clerics Call for Jihad Against Assad, Russia, and Iran

A sizable group of Saudi clerics has called for jihad against the regime of Bashar Assad in Syria, and by extension, Assad’s military allies Russia and Iran. The Islamist clerics praised the rebels Russia is currently bombing as “holy warriors of Syria” who are “defending the whole Islamic nation.”

AP Photo/ Russian Defense Ministry Press Service