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Oroville Dam Audit: Forensic Team Blasts State Cut-back on Infrastructure

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FECR) forensic audit of the Oroville Dam Spillway crisis project found that failures were due to inadequate California Department of Water Resources (DWR) maintenance, repair of cracks, thin concrete slabs, poor drainage, and use of weathered rock.

Oroville Dam Spillway (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)

Solar Inconvenient Truth: Ivanpah Plant a Big Fossil Fuel User

The BrightSource Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating Facility, which uses 320,000 mirrors to create thermal energy, still qualifies under state rules as an alternative energy source, despite using about 1.4 billion cubic feet of natural gas a year, according to a report by the Press Telegram.

Ivanpah (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)

Israeli Government Approves Plan To Cut Greenhouse Gases

The Jerusalem Post reports: A push to energy efficiency could save the economy NIS 30 billion, the government said on Sunday, following its approval of a national program to reduce greenhouse gases and improve energy efficiency. The program is meant to

Wind turbines stretch across Mount Bnei Rasan overlooking the border with Syria on November 27, 2009 near the Israeli community of Alonei Habashan in the Golan Heights.

EU Probes UK Aid to Convert Huge Drax Coal Power Plant to Biomass

Brussels (AFP) – The EU launched an investigation Tuesday into whether British government aid to convert the giant Drax power station from coal to more environmentally friendly biomass breaches the bloc’s state aid rules. The massive Drax complex in north-eastern

Drax Power Station Coal Energy Global Warming

Time To Blow Away Wind Tax Credit: Lawmakers

The federal government wants Americans to use wind power, which is produced here in the U.S. and doesn’t put out any emissions. So wind is heavily subsidized in the tax code. The bill to taxpayers will total at least $6.4 billion over the next decade.

AP Photo/Toby Talbot

California Dupes Taxpayers into Building the Hydrogen Highway

The California Energy Commission is honoring ex-Governor Schwarzenegger’s dream by spending another $20 million to build the supposedly non-polluting ‘hydrogen highway’ through most parts of the Golden State. A high school freshman math class could figure out that the reason

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Hydrogen Highway (Ann Johannson / Associated Press)

California Missing Manufacturing Boom Due to Alternative Energy Subsidies

Despite California having the largest manufacturing base in the nation, the state is growing high-paying manufacturing jobs at only one seventh of the U.S. average. The culprit in this debacle is Governor Brown’s wildly expensive alternative energy mandates that stab industrial manufacturers with electrical costs that are about double the U.S. average.

Jerry Brown (AP)