Amazon Hiring 2500 for Houston Fulfillment Center

E-commerce giant Amazon announced Tuesday it began the process of hiring 2,500 full-time employees for its new fulfillment center in Houston, expected to open this summer. This marks the seventh facility the company will house in Texas.

An employee prepares order at Amazon's San Bernardino Fulfillment Center

Amazon and The New ‘Big Data’ Proletariat

Amazon views its work environments as a tough response to slack conditions elsewhere in the labor force, encouraging excellence and superior effort from its workers by setting standards it proudly describes as “unreasonably high.” Many horrified readers thought the NYT article described brutally exploitative conditions covered by corporate happy-talk about achievement.


European Union Accuses Google Of Anti-Competitive Practices

The European Union has been involved in what seems like a permanent investigation of Google for abusing its search-engine dominance. There is a certain through-the-looking-glass quality to Reuters’ report on the latest developments, as Google is punished with anti-competitive regulations for allegedly engaging in anti-competitive practices.

AP Photo/Jens Meyer, File

Bundled Cable Deathwatch: Amazon Prime Subs Jump 53%

Even with a growing American population the number of subscribers to bundled cable and satellite television is declining. Not by huge numbers. One-hundred million homes are still being conned into making left-wing multinationals rich and subsidizing low-rated networks like CNN.

Police raid Amazon offices in Tokyo