Amir Peretz

Avi Gabbay

New Labor Leader Avi Gabbay Claims He Can Defeat Netanyahu

Former environmental protection minister Avi Gabbay, who joined Labor only six months ago, swept the party off its feet and emerged victorious in Monday’s close runoff race against veteran MK and former Labor chairman Amir Peretz. Gabbay won 16,080 votes, which was 52% of the vote, while Peretz won 14,734 votes, or 47%.

Outgoing Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz (C) attends a briefing on the current security situation with the General Staff of the Israeli Army in Tel Aviv, 17 June 2007.

Two More Ex-Defense Ministers Attack Netanyahu

Three days after former defense ministers Moshe Ya’alon and Ehud Barak issued scathing attacks on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Herzliya Conference, two more former defense ministers made their voices heard on Sunday.

Israel's former defence minister Amir Peretz pauses during news conference in Tel Aviv, January 31, 2008, following the presentation of the Winograd Commission findings on Wednesday. Israeli newspapers forecast Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's survival on Thursday after a report criticised the army and his government's conduct during a 2006 war …

Peretz to Rejoin Labor Party Monday

The Jerusalem Post reports:  Former Labor Party chairman Amir Peretz will formally return to the party on Monday, at a press conference with current chairman Isaac Herzog. Peretz led the Labor Party from November 2005 to June 2007. During that time