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Angelino Alfano

Italy Deports Tunisian Linked to Islamic State

Italian authorities have deported yet another potential terrorist, a Tunisian man who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State and was purportedly trying to reach the Syrian-Iraqi region to fight for ISIS.

One of the 700 Tunisian migrants kept in Lampedusa reception center waits to board on a ferry to be taken to the Sicilian city of Catania on April 12, 2011. Around 26,000 undocumented migrants have arrived in Italy so far this year, including around 21,000 who said they were from …

U.S. State Department Warns Americans Abroad of Holy Week Terror Threat

The State Department has warned U.S. citizens traveling in Europe that terrorist groups “continue to plan near-term attacks throughout Europe” and advises them to be especially cautious during upcoming “religious holidays.” On Tuesday, Italian counterterrorism forces in Naples arrested suspected

n armed soldier patrols near the EU Commission Headquarters in after yesterday's terrorist attacks on March 23, 2016 in Brussels, Belgium. Belgium is observing three days of national mourning after 34 people were killed in a twin suicide blast at Zaventem Airport and a further bomb attack at Maelbeek Metro …

EU Tells Italy to ‘Use Force’ to Get Migrants’ Fingerprints

The Commissioner of the European Union (EU) has urged Italy to “use force” when necessary to collect the fingerprints of asylum seekers coming into the country, and to immediately activate two new migrant registration “hotspots” to ensure that all migrants


Italy Hints at Giving Migrants a Free Pass into EU as France Closes Border

Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano described a move by France to keep illegal migrants trapped in Italy and out of France as a “slap in the face” this week, while the nation’s Prime Minister hinted at the possibility of providing the migrants with temporary residence passes that would allow them to legally enter the rest of the European Union, stating Italy was considering some form of “Plan B.”