Dog ‘Arrested’ for Fighting a Deer

Dog ‘Arrested’ for Fighting a Deer

Police “arrested” a Canadian dog that bolted from his owners to run after a deer and placed him in the back of a police cruiser to teach him a lesson.

Reid Thompson and his girlfriend took their dog, Finn, on a walk through some trails in Kenora, Ontario, when they decided to take his leash off, Fox News reported.

But instead of staying put, Finn bolted when he picked up the scent of a deer.

Finn’s owners tried to call and whistle at him to come back, but the bad boy pooch did not heed his owners’ commands.

Thirty minutes later, the Ontario Provincial Police called Thompson to inform him that the police had “detained” his dog.

“I was informed that Finn had been causing some chaos as he chased a deer along the road, through the hospital grounds and back onto the road. They tangled for a bit, up and over a guard rail and down onto the ice … eventually the deer got away and Finn gave up the chase,” Thompson said.

When Thompson arrived to pick Finn up from the station, police officers gave Thompson a “stern lecture” about keeping the dog on a leash and that animal control officers could be paying him a visit.

Thompson’s daughter, Emme, tweeted a photo of the dog behind bars with the caption: “Someone called the police on my dog because he ran away and attacked a deer and i know this is serious but the sight of him in the cop car i’m alskdjfhsgh.”

Emme’s tweet has gone viral, receiving nearly 600,000 likes and more than 170,000 retweets as of Monday evening.

Emme wrote in a follow-up tweet that Finn’s future is uncertain because of the incident.

“He’s out now but we’re still waiting to find out what’ll happen to him. He’s a good boy he just hates deer,” she wrote.


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