London Attack Suspect: Pub Fights and Anti-Muslim Rants

LONDON (AFP) – The 47-year-old accused of driving a van into a crowd of Muslim worshippers outside a London mosque is “troubled”, according to his family, while those who know him describe a man who has verbally abused Muslim children.

Darren Osborne

FBI Stats Debunk DC Media’s ‘Muslim Backlash’ Myth

The suspect in the recent mass-shooting at a Colorado Planned Parenthood is an obvious lunatic. Nevertheless, our rotted DC Media has had a field day using those murders to attack all pro-lifers as culpable. Naturally, this Narrative was flipped entirely


‘Vehement Atheist’ Charged with Executing 3 Muslim Students

  ADDED:  CNN’s Jake Tapper is reporting that a dispute over parking might have had something to do with the murders. Full police report. The police are looking into whether the murders were “hate-motivated” and say that Hicks is cooperating