Assaults on police

Assaults on Border Patrol Agents Up 230 Percent

Nearly 150 U.S. Border Patrol agents have been assaulted during the first two months of the new fiscal year which began October 1. The number represents an increase of more than 230 percent over the same period in FY 2016.

File Photo showing injuries to Border Patrol agent from rock throwers. (File Photo: Homeland Security Today)

German Police Chief Shocked By Left Wing Violence

The police chief of the city of Göttingen expressed his shock at the scale of violence that has erupted towards his officers from left wing extremists who he claims view police as the enemy.

Protesters try to block access to the party congress of right-wing populist party "Alternative Fuer Deutschland" (Alternative for Germany) in Stuttgart on April 30, 2016

More than 100 Cops Assaulted in Texas Capital in 2015

More than 100 cops have been assaulted in Austin, Texas, this year, nearly one every three days. It happens so often, that officers have been assaulted more than 100 times in the first 287 days of this year.

Austin - 100 Cops Assaulted - KXAN Screenshot