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asylum applications

Government To Raise Asylum Application Fees By 500 Per Cent

The government is pressing ahead with plans to raise the fees for asylum tribunals by up to 500 per cent in a bid to recoup some of the £86 million-a-year cost. But migrants qualifying for legal aid or on benefits will still be exempt, as will those deemed to be destitute.


American Lawyer Helps Migrants Battle Deportation From Europe

An American lawyer is attempting to help clog up Greece’s asylum applications system to prevent migrants from being deported to Turkey. 30 year-old Kavita Kapur came to Greece initially to help cook for migrants who were stuck in Greece after Macedonia


Germany Officially Hits One Million Asylum Applications

Germany has officially received one million asylum seekers in 2015. The figure has exceeded all official expectations, but may in fact be an underestimate as it takes time to register newcomers in the country’s ‘EASY’ computer system. “From January until