‘Vehement Atheist’ Charged with Executing 3 Muslim Students

  ADDED:  CNN’s Jake Tapper is reporting that a dispute over parking might have had something to do with the murders. Full police report. The police are looking into whether the murders were “hate-motivated” and say that Hicks is cooperating


Ireland Challenges Anti-Blasphemy Laws

The movement in Ireland to challenge Irish anti-blasphemy laws via referendum is gaining momentum after last week’s Paris attacks on Charlie Hebdo, but had already been underway for some time.


Atheists Are Smarter Than Believers, Says an Atheist

A recent article in Salon Magazine suggests that religious faith is the domain of the ignorant. “Religion may help us in the way that whisky helps a drunk, but we don’t want to go through life drunk,” writes professional atheist John G. Messerly.