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Can Dundar

Turkey: Police Detain Online Editor of Opposition Newspaper in Latest Media Crackdown

The Turkish government has detained the editor in chief of the online edition of the newspaper Cumhuriyet, Oğuz Güven. The newspaper says it has not been given a reason for the detention, though state-run Turkish media reported the detention regarded a report published on the site regarding the death of a prosecutor.

Turkish police

Gunman: I Shot at Jailed Turkish Journalist ‘To Teach Him a Lesson’

“If I wanted to kill him, I would have,” the gunman responsible for an assassination attempt against newspaper editor Can Dündar last week said of his attack, hours before Dündar was sentenced to five years in prison for publishing a report unfavorable to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Can Erok, Cumhuriyet via AP