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#ToryElectionFraud Trends As More Overspending Uncovered

The #ToryElectionFraud hashtag trended on Twitter for hours last night as further discrepancies between declared and actual spending by the Conservative Party at the General Election last year emerged. Channel 4 News reported last night that another Tory agent and


Channel 4 Hires Guantanamo Terror Detainee Spin Doctor

The left-leaning, publicly-owned Channel 4 has employed an Islamist sympathiser in its investigations unit for the flagship documentary programme Dispatches. Amandla Thomas-Johnson served as the press officer for CagePrisoners (now CAGE) which described Jihadi John, the ruthless ISIS beheader, as “a

Amandla Thomas-Johnson

Channel 4 Host: Saddam Ally Was ‘A Nice Guy’

Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow has been criticised after describing former Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz as a “nice guy”. Aziz, close ally of dictator Saddam Hussein, died yesterday in hospital in the city of Nasiriyah after suffering a heart


Green Party: the First Hundred Days

The story so far: devastated by universally appalling reviews of its dreadful farrago of lefty nonsense UKIP: The First Hundred Days, Channel 4 has reluctantly agreed to make another, counterbalancing political mockumentary, a much more realistic one this time, called