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Chinese Officials Burn Bibles, Close Churches in Crackdown on Christianity

The Chinese government’s campaign to “Sinicize” organized religion – in other words, make religion completely subordinate to the Communist Party – grew more aggressive this year and featured the destruction of Bibles, crosses, and entire churches. Religious freedom activists call it the worst crackdown on Christianity since religious freedom was nominally granted by the 1982 Chinese constitution.

China shuts down prominent Christian church

In Anti-Christian Crackdown, Chinese Communists Demolish Yet Another Church

As part of its ongoing crusade to eradicate symbols of Christianity throughout China, communist authorities in the coastal Zhejiang province have demolished yet another Christian church building after reportedly claiming that the church’s cross was too high and thus in violation of building codes.

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Chinese Officials Tear Down More Christian Crosses, Beat Protesters

The Communist Party’s campaign to eradicate the iconic Christian symbol from China’s landscape continued in full force this past week, with authorities demolishing a dozen church crosses and beating protesters bloody. The religious freedom group China Aid reported that government

Catholic Christians in China

Own Goal: UK Foreign Aid To Splash £3 Million On Football In China

China has the fastest growing economy in the world, standing second only to the US as a financial powerhouse. Its wealth is building exponentially and the Asian giant is sufficiently advanced to have a space exploration program of its own. Still,

Chinese Football Children