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China Meltdown Crushes World Economy

A slump in Chinese shares has prompted stock markets across Asia, Europe and the US to fall sharply. Why is this so significant?


China Stock Market Crash Goes Global

With China in the midst of a foreign exchange and currency crisis, investors around the world are hitting the “sell” button in a scramble for cash liquidity.

Stock market crash (Richard Drew / Associated Press)

China New Year: Stocks Crash, Gold Jumps

China welcomed the New Year with a 7 percent stock market crash that was so intense that government authorities suspended trading across the nation. Markets around the world plunged, with Asia and Europe down -3 percent, U.S. markets down 1.7

China crash (Andy Wong / Associated Press)

China Communist Party’s ‘Iron Fist’ Halts Stock Crash

Despite authorities suspending trading in over 50 percent of domestic stocks, banning large holders from selling, funding state-owned financial institutions’ purchases, and arresting short-sellers, China’s CSI 300 Index crashed in the morning Thursday, before eking out a 2 percent gain by midday.

China Fist (Goh Chai Hin / Getty)