Congo Adds Measles Outbreak to Ebola and Cholera Epidemics

The United Nations reported on Wednesday that a measles outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has killed at least a hundred children since the beginning of the year, adding to a medical and security crisis that already included Ebola, cholera, and factional violence that makes it difficult for doctors to treat any of the deadly diseases.

A health worker works at a Red Cross-run Ebola treatment center in Guinea, one of several West African nations where Red Cross officials committed fraud and misappropriated funds earmarked for Ebola relief

Cholera Outbreak Passes 1,400 Cases in Iraq

A cholera outbreak that had affected a reported 100 Iraqis in late September has now spread to over 1,400 patients, Iraq’s health ministry warned this week. The disease, carried through unclean water, has spread throughout the country, though the Iraqi government can only monitor cases in regions not controlled by the Islamic State.

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