Nolte: NYT’s Columnist Blames Trump for Non-Existent Cholera Outbreak in Puerto Rico


Paul Krugman, one of the sitting emperors among our media elite, and who is both a New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize winner, decided to use his verified Twitter account over the weekend to falsely hold President Trump responsible for a horrible outbreak of cholera in Puerto Rico.

There is just one problem…

There is no outbreak of cholera in Puerto Rico.

Nevertheless, despite the fact he tweeted a blatantly false piece of fake news, Krugman has so far refused to delete the tweet. With its 14,000-plus re-tweets, Krugman’s lie remains published and viral:

Rather than fully retract his fake news to stop it from spreading, Krugman chose instead to publish a clarification, which is also inaccurate. Note, though, that the truth about there being no cholera in Puerto Rico has only 567 re-tweets:

Nevertheless, even Krugman’s record-correction is wildly misleading. According to the CDC, there is no fear of an outbreak of cholera in either Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

A left-winger too often blinded by his rabid partisanship, Krugman is most famous for being wrong about almost everything, especially when it comes to economic predictions. Most recently, after Trump won the presidency last year, Krugman predicted a “global recession with no end in sight” and that the stock market would “never.”

As we all now know, the exact opposite happened.

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